Kristin Lucas, HTPA

Kristin Lucas, HTPA
Intuitive Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice & Professional Speaker

As a double survivor who has completely healed from a brain tumor and rare form of thyroid cancer, Kristin Lucas has learned how precious and sacred life is. She is now vibrantly and fully alive and, most importantly, she has learned to trust her own wisdom and intuition. Kristin found her Soul Purpose through the teachings of Healing Touch, which have been a leading factor in saving her life.
Honoring wholeness in another human being, Kristin recognizes the body, mind and spirit connection in all living beings. As a Healing Touch practitioner she instills harmony and balance through her heart-centered intentions and her healing hands. Through her transpersonal healing and universal spiritual process, she holds space for, and is witness to, profoundly beautiful and deeply heartfelt awakenings. 

Kristin has lived in Central Oregon for 17 years. Hiking, yoga, meditation, gardening and strong connection with Earth are her daily practices. Kristin has been a Native Weed Consultant Volunteer with Friends and Neighbors of the Deschutes Canyon Area for five years. 

“Educating neighbors in Crooked River Ranch on water- saving plant options and weed reduction is a rich opportunity to give back to our Earth while connecting with my community,” said Kristin.

Animals have, and always will be, a large part of Kristin’s life as well. She has done volunteer work at Bright Side Animal Center and currently owns two wonderful small dogs with her husband.

“Kristin is a truly Luminous Being. She has demonstrated to me her ability to share her inner spark thus igniting my own inner flame. Her very presence is healing.” ~K Friedman

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