Mary Nash

Mary Nash

Mary Nash has over 15 years Energy Work experience through Divine Love including Harmony and Healing and Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master certification. Mary’s time as an active volunteer with St. Charles Hospital Integrative Therapy Department along with her years as an end-of-life palliative caregiver has opened her vision to a heightened awareness of God’s joyous, loving Presence within.
Sharing this vision through the use of light, sound, intuitive education, hands-on and hands- above treatments, Mary provides her clients illuminating sessions, unique, powerful and empowering.

Mary is committed to expanding our recognition and acceptance of the miracle of Divine Love flowing to and through us, so as to allow the release of lower energy and the shift to higher energy in our journey to spiritual wholeness, health and wellness.

Clients describe sessions with Mary as “positive, pure and powerful prayer” through which the healing energies of Love’s Light and Sound are deeply felt in body, mind, heart and soul. Among the many benefits are decreased anxiety, decreased physical distress and gently awakened awareness.

Experience greater peace, clarity and joy as you are guided to leave limitations behind and embrace infinite possibilities.

Mary is a devoted wife, grandmother, teacher and healer. She loves hiking, exploring old dirt roads and spending time with family and friends.
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