We are actively planning a wide array of classes, workshops and public events with topics of interest to people who are forward-thinking, health-conscious and eager to explore ways to heal, nourish and enrich our minds, bodies and spirits.
”Awake my soul.
Awake my spirit.
Awake my desires.
Awake my light.
Awake my mind.
Awake my hope.
Awake my faith.
Awake my love.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

You are welcome to attend these upcoming classes: 

Qigong/Relaxation Classes  
6 week Class  

September 11th – October 16th
Mondays ; 5:45-6:45 P.M.
 Movement and Meditation Learn how to:  Lessen pain, enhance sleep and health, develop a sense of well being and calmness and work with Qi- vital life force or energy Using a series of techniques including: Qigong – movement and meditation, Acupressure Points, Energy Work, Relaxation techniques including: Contract/Relax, Visualization, and Breath work .
6 week session of 1 hour/week; $75; 
optional Relaxation Qigong CD $15 

Classes taught by Joyce Burk Brown, Certified Qigong instructor (Soaring Crane style) and Occupational Therapy/Rehab Medicine Specialist with 38 years of experience in teaching Pain Management skills (Arthritis and Back injuries) and with ADD/ADHD students to develop a inner place of calm/focus.

REGISTRATION: or 541-420-5875  

Psychic Medium Joshua-John 
Group Events 
Development 101”

Coming this Fall- Yoga Barn
Full event details will be available soon!

Joshua-John is a 25 year old Psychic Medium, though he is young he has lived a life that many have not. Through his extremely hard childhood, he has used his past as a way of tapping into the Spirit world. Joshua has brought hundreds of healing messages through large group readings, numerous radio shows, and countless private readings. He has had the honor to be mentored and certified through Lisa Williams and Pat Longo.
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