We are actively planning a wide array of classes, workshops and public events with topics of interest to people who are forward-thinking, health-conscious and eager to explore ways to heal, nourish and enrich our minds, bodies and spirits.
”Awake my soul.
Awake my spirit.
Awake my desires.
Awake my light.
Awake my mind.
Awake my hope.
Awake my faith.
Awake my love.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

You are welcome to attend these upcoming classes: 

Relaxation/Qigong Classes

5:30-6:30pm, Mondays 
Starting Feb. 20th- March 13th
Taught by Joyce Burk Brown
Learn how to: 
- deepen relaxation
- lessen pain
- enhance sleep and health  
- develop a sense of well being and calmness through a series of techniques including:
          - Qigong
          - Contract/Relax and decreasing tension in muscles
          - Visualization Techniques
          - Breath work
          - Acupressure Points/Energy work
4 week session of 1 hour/week; $48; optional Relaxation Qigong CD $15

Mondays -February 20 th and 27 th , March 6 th and 13 th ; 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Blissful Heart 29 NW Greeley Street Bend, OR 97702;

REGISTRATION: or 541-420- 5875   Classes taught by Joyce Burk Brown a certified Qigong instructor (Soaring Crane Qigong style) and Occupational Therapy/Rehab Medicine Specialist with 37 years of experience in teaching Pain Management skills (Arthritis and Back injuries) and with ADD/ADHD students to develop a inner place of calm/focus.

Synergy Dance

Starting in Spring 2017
Five-Element movement designed to circulate blocked energy channels and facilitate emotional integration.  Gentle yet profound, these classes will leave you embodied, strong, and limber like you have never been before!

The Healing Power
of Essential Oils

4 Week Class
Tuesday Evenings, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Feb 21st-March 14th
4 week session of 2 hrs/week, 
$20 per class or $65 for all 4

or 607-262-0269

Learn to use the oils you already own, and discover amazing properties of new-to-you oils (first timers welcome!). This series is designed to deepen the experience and knowledge of folks who may have started to collect oils but don’t quite know what to do with them. We will emphasize learning through experiential means, with each evening taking you deeper into your knowledge and experience of oils as well as your own self. We will journey through various levels of healing in ones self with help of oils:

Deep Earth: Learn about role of base notes, accessing central/peripheral nervous system, the Root Chakra, and basic foot reflexing and energy holds for profound healing.

Emotional Waters: Learn about middle notes and how to blend smells to guide us through challenging transitions to help access emotional energy and strength. We will journey with sacred visioning in our Sacral Chakra for balancing mandalas and emotional poles.

Vital Fire: Learn about top notes and Solar Plexus Chakra stimulation. This is the seat of our own identity, focus, drive and self-acceptance. We will learn about clearing our energetic fields and releasing negative attachments that create self-limitation and scarcity.

Clearing Air: Learn how to use essential oils to protect space and observe energy fields. We will explore how pendulums teach us more about our own energy fields, as well as that of the oils’, and learning how to clear and potentize both! Discover your personal gifts in making blends for self and others.

Healing from the Heart

Wednesday afternoons from 2:30-5:30pm
starting Feb. 22nd

Variety of Holistic Practitioners.

A weekly community healing event and canned food drive for neighbor impact.  The Blissful Heart will be our Fall, Winter and Spring location to uphold our "giving back to our community" spirit.  There will be a variety of practitioners donating their time, giving you the opportunity to help yourself and your community.  Come learn how to create the Body- Mind- Spirit connection to enhance your wellbeing!
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